Only jobs you pay to post on Indeed are also posted to Glassdoor.


Only jobs you pay to post on Indeed are also posted to Glassdoor. Since partnering with Indeed, Glassdoor no longer offers direct postings on their platform. Otherwise, be professional, thank them for taking the time to review you, and provide a response with your audience — potential employees — in mind.

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Then, once your resume and cover letter are sent, and you’ve (hopefully!) booked an interview, browse away. William Arrudais the cofounder ofCareerBlastand creator of the completeLinkedIn quizthat helps you evaluate your LinkedIn profile and networking strategy.

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With the majority of Glassdoor users reading at least four reviews before forming an opinion of a company, it’s important to have a fair number of reviews. You can easily send review requests from the Employer Center. A step-by-step guide for managing your employer brand and promoting your company to attract informed and qualified candidates on Glassdoor. Glassdoor is one of the most popular employer rating platforms and attracts more than 50 million unique monthly visits. According to Glassdoor, 83% of their users are actively searching for work or willing to consider new opportunities, and 74% read at least four reviews when researching a company before making a judgment. By following this simple 4-step strategy, you can easily enhance your Employer Branding strategy using company review sites.

Considering more than 80% of Generation Z candidates rely on the internet to find jobs, taking control of your online presence is essential to establishing a positive employer brand. Handling employee feedback on employer review sites with care can boost your employer brand story, dilute negative feedback, and demonstrate engagement with the community at large. Responding to reviews is perhaps the most important method in creating a strong brand presence on employer review sites. In fact, 80% of job-seekers who read reviews on Glassdoor say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. Manage and improve your employer brand across review platforms by showing current and potential employees that you value employee feedback. Respond to employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed from a single dashboard. Set up alerts to facilitate quick service recovery on negative reviews and improve perception of your brand.

Is A Glassdoor Job Posting A Good Choice For Me?

They were the first company to allow the public a peek into average salaries. uss express address Since its launch in 2005, it’s become the #1 job site in the world.

When dealing with a high volume of employees, negative Glassdoor reviews are inevitable. Take time to review negative feedback and try to identify trends. Are workers unhappy with the inflexibility of their schedules?

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